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July 17 2018

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July 13 2018

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July 12 2018

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„Wszyscy ludzie Kremla” Zygara
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July 11 2018

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Man, that shit puts my sides in orbit.

>Jews buy the second biggest film franchise ever for $4bn

>core of the fanbase consists of white men

>Pareto principle? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

>put a feminist in charge


>not-so-subtle anti-male overtones and forced diversity

>overturn the happy ending of Return of the Jedi

>kill off beloved characters in retarded ways, but not before humiliating them

>replace them with new ones that make Jar-Jar look well-written and deep by comparison

>(((critics))) love the new movies, actual fans - not so much

>let the staff shittalk and berate fans on social media

>good job, the brand that existed for 40 years is now damaged beyond repair

>new movie loses $50m, licensed toys land in bargain bins week after premiere

>oy vey, Herschel! initiate damage control!

>get shills to draw comics portraying your core audience as "whiny, selfish, old school worshiping angry cosplayers"

In case you wondered what Jews love more: money or destroying things white men built and enjoy, there’s your answer.

This is a great point to redline nerds on. When Jews came for Christianity, they didn’t care, because they tipped fedoras. When Jews flooded their cities with diversity, they didn’t care, because they never left their homes. When Jews turned girls into thots, they didn’t care, because they weren’t going to score 3DPD anyway. Now that Jews came for their Star Wars, maybe now they’ll actually get roused into action. “We must secure the existence of our franchise and the future for light sabers” is better than nothing.

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July 09 2018


July 06 2018

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July 03 2018

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sketches for a thing

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